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With ReklamStore's app, Landernow, you can create your landing pages easily & fast with ready to go templates.

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Easiest & Fastest Landing Page Generator

Choose from prepared templates design divided into different verticals and goals. Landernow allows you to make changes in any element of your landing page to make it suitable for your needs. You can also add dynamic macros to your campaigns and easily integrate with your tracking solution. Use Landernow for your campaigns and increase conversions!

Seamless Integration

Landernow is fully integrated with ReklamStore’s DSP and Affiliate Network

Ready Templates

Tens of templates for popular verticals like, mobile install, nutra, dating, gaming etc.

No Payment

%100 free

Quick Export

Export your landing pages host anywhere

Free Hosting

Use it on ReklamStore DSP or affiliate network with our free hosting

Made for Affiliates

Be creative on your pre landing pages with our endless options to boost your conversions.

How To Use?

Select your template

Edit the content and images

Start using without any hosting requirement

Landernow makes it easy to design, publish and optimize killer landing pages. Plus we monitor your pages 24/7 to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our profession is to help your business launch its next campaign faster and smarter.


Improve Results

A pre-lander is an intermediate page in which the visitor is prepared for the transition to the landing page. They used to improve the performance of campaigns and conversions. Pre-landers increase user’s interest in the product and provide comprehensive information. It also helps you to eliminate the untargeted traffic.

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Different Verticals

Landernow allows you to create your landing pages for different niche industries and goals. You can find ready and editable templates for dating, nutra, finance, gambling, gaming, app install etc.

Available Macros

Landernow supports more then 10 macros ready to use such as; click id, site id, publisher id, ssp id, domain, placement id, campaign id, creative id and etc. You can easily pass the values to your final destination URL.

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Interact with the user

Templates like quizzes, allows you to interact with the user and helps your campaigns to convert better. With Landernow’s quiz template you will skyrocket your conversions.